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What is Yoga?

+ACY-nbsp+ADs ?????????????? The Yoga-Sutra is one of the most important texts in the age-old Yoga Philosophy. Literally it means ???Guide??? or ???Main Thread??? of Yoga. It takes you on a journey to ???Mastery of Your Mind??? through … [Read more...]

mastery of the mind

Mastery of the mind

In a busy world we often get caught up in the chatter that stops us from being focused and connecting to a deeper guiding layer of ourselves. It???s this deeper layer that helps us to attune to our inner peace and contentment. Through … [Read more...]


Wellness Warrior

Australian Yoga Journal, January 2011 Mark Breadner, 45, attended his first yoga class when he was seven???at home with his mother as the teacher. It was not until he was 27 and studying with T.K.V. Desikachar that he understood yoga as … [Read more...]


Claim the Ability to Choose

Living in the world means a life full of relationships, with people but also with the objects of the world and the thoughts in the mind. Living in the world means a life full of changes, which occur because of the appearance of time, space … [Read more...]


The Future of Yoga Teaching

Yoga was first taught in ancient times by a Master passing on its numerous techniques and complex philosophy to one student at a time. In modern-day yoga classes of 60 students or more, one-to-one teaching may appear a luxury. But Mark … [Read more...]