Wellness is Inherent


We believe wellness is our natural state of being. Through life, we form certain beliefs and attitudes based on our experiences.When certain patterns of thought are repeated they can create interruptions within the body and mind. These interruptions resist the flow of life energy that affect our ability to heal and maintain ourselves.

After an asana practice we often feel a sense of calm and well being as the energetic interruptions manifesting as tension in the body are released. But without the associated insight into the unconscious thought pattern (that created the tension in the first place), we simply address the effect, and the congestion in the energy pathway returns.

Yoga with correct individual guidance can be used to unwind these patterns, removing the obstacles that interrupt the flow of life energy both physically through asana practice and mentally/emotionally through the identifications of associated thought pattern(s).

Treating the whole rather than the parts


Separating the mind and body has resulted in a disconnection of understanding of mind-body interplay. Most modalities tend to treat one or the other, unable to see the manifestation of associated symptoms outside the boundaries of their specific modality.

In ancient China, doctors were paid to keep their patients healthy. Their function could be likened to a gardener cultivating balance in the energetic system. They worked to maintain health rather than just to ‘fix’ the symptoms of deeper issues which when unaddressed end up manifesting in other ways.

The body, with its associated energetic system, acts as a mirror reflecting the state of our mind. Understanding the interplay can be useful in effecting change at the level of cause rather than at the level of symptomatic effect. The true practice of yoga aims to completely remove the interruptions (at all levels) that prevent us from living to our highest human potential.

Create the environment to achieve your highest potential


The intention of yoga is to reveal the inherent wellness in all of us by removing the obstacles and creating an environment for its expression.

In our goal-orientated society we are encouraged to fixate on external outcomes for our own happiness and fulfillment – this is transient and often leads to more attachment and fixation. Yoga aims to create the optimal conditions within yourself to become your highest potential rather than fixating on an external outcome for temporary satisfaction. Looking at our own internal environment allows us to be present and aware of new possibilities.

One-on-One Teaching


As people differ, so should be the way yoga is applied. This was the case for thousands of years prior to the relatively recent advent of the yoga class. While yoga asana classes are important, we believe the evolution towards a more personalised approach is the way of the future.

The one-on-one relationship between student and teacher encompassed all aspects of life. Individualised guidance enabled students to recognize their specific unconscious thought patterns. In today’s terms, this integrated relationship would be more like that of individual and coach. The coach, whether fitness or life coach, takes a more individualised, hands on approach to the needs of their client to work towards an optimum result.



The world is clearly undergoing a shift in consciousness. As old structures that support individualism and separation fall apart, new structures are arising to support this transformation. A new relationship with the world exists for those who are looking for a more enlightened way of living and being. We believe yoga can be a vehicle to support and nurture the growth of this evolving consciousness.

Love, joy, compassion and balance are our natural state.
As we evolve towards this, we can share and grow together.

“Knowledge is power, and knowledge of the self is self-empowering.” Bruce Lipton