Are you a Yoga Teacher?

The consciousness of the planet is speeding up, our daily lives are more and more cluttered, and our students are looking for more.

Over the next few years, it will be imperative that the focus of Yoga becomes primarily concerned with transformation and human potential. Not just a quick fix solution to the fast pace of our lives today.

“Position yourself now to be a leader and authority”.

I am bringing together a community of teachers that will support each other to becoming powerful forces and conduits for change in the world. We will enhance Yoga for transformation, and bring it to the forefront as the go to choice for holistic health and well being.

Join now for  just $1 for 7 days and ongoing after that $27 per month (almost 50% off) for as long as you choose to stay a member

I have spent many years seeking out the best way to communicate the FULL science of yoga in an easy, grounded and practical way and have subsequently developed a formula specifically designed for Yoga Teachers.

After many years of deep practice, “mastery of the mind” and dropping into and resting in my heart, Love is now of utmost and primary importance for me. Linking this love in with a powerful vision has become the guiding compass that has manifested with the creation of the YogaCoach Community – see the video.



We, as teachers, need to fall in love with our student’s potential and then our teaching becomes a way to remove any obstacles to that potential, whether it be tight muscles, low energy a busy mind or whatever arises.

My Mission/ Intention

I have created a global platform for Yoga Teachers to develop and work on their continuing professional education, strengthen their practice and help them become known as leaders and authorities in their niche.

Yoga teachers will be the go to people for holistic health and wellbeing on the planet, and understanding the complete science of yoga will be the driving force behind this movement.

The community is designed on 3 platforms. For yoga teachers to excel in all the following areas

  • Advancing education
  • Deeping practice
  • Ramping up business

Yoga is an incredible system to live your highest Human potential- we all have a unique pattern and the full system of yoga helps to remove the interference overlaying it- and when you remove the obstacles and interference we become very powerful, compassionate and operate much more from wisdom mind, we then have the capacity to impact the world in a massive way.

It’s ultimately about becoming “soul yogis”. Bringing the masculine and feminine together and having “mastery of the mind”, so that the mind is in alignment with our hearts and our souls are communicating clearly to us. It becomes a total yoga transformation.

Yoga has moved along way away from its essence yet the cool thing is that it is swinging back- moving back to a COMPLETE system that gives a path for people to reach their Highest Human Potential.

A lot of the yoga world now is being built around me,me! And not community and unity. All the asana stuff is meant to be around creating balance and purification not indulgence.

It is time now to use the full system of yoga to be more selfless, awakened and kind whilst being prosperous.

So I invite you to join the community, you have nothing to loose, Its 7 days for just $1 and you decide from there.

Also I am building a team of “Yoga Experts” to answer your questions inside the community.

There will be no marketing, advertising or affiliates. It is a community that is all about adding value for each other and our students/clients.

Your investment is just $1 for 7 days and ongoing after that $27 per month (almost 50% off) for as long as you choose to stay a member.

The community will give you lots of confidence with your teaching, provide a great expanded sangha / network and myself and the community will help you 100 % with what you want to develop, learn and create.

Ask for what you need and I will go about creating content for it and add it too the community. And when you join:

  • You can design your ongoing practice in the “interactive “ section
  • Get coaching from myself and a team of “yoga Experts”
  • Create discussions, get your questions answered and network with teachers from around the world
  • From Feb (now) I will put in a new online training every week from my 20 yrs. of creating teacher education
  • Monthly Masterminds
  • Monthly Meet ups

So go ahead JOIN NOW and receive all above for just $1 for 7 days and I will see you on the inside.

Mark Breadner