Bringing Yoga To Life Introduction 1


1To understand the recent devolution that Yoga is only a physical exercise program is one of the most essential steps for the modern seeker of authentic Yoga.

False: Yoga is a physical system with a spiritual component.
True: Yoga is a spiritual system with a physical component.

The false view spreads: Unfortunately, the view that Yoga is a physical exercise program is the dominant viewpoint. The false view then spreads through many institutions, classes, teachers, books, magazines, and millions of students of modern Yoga, who have little or no knowledge or interest in the spiritual goals of ancient, authentic, traditional Yoga and Yoga Meditation. –

Originally derived from Sanskrit, the word ‘Yoga’ is a universal process – essentially experiencing ourselves as a whole on all levels, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. The word itself means ‘union’, which ties in with the concept of aligning both the physical and metaphysical bodies. In modern society there is a commonly accepted viewpoint that Yoga is fundamentally a physical exercise program. You may have seen Yoga class timetables on the wall at the gym in between spin classes and other aerobic style workouts. While the practice of Yoga does consist of a physical component – that through regular use will help achieve a well-toned and functioning body – it is most important to recognize Yoga as a spiritual systematic program that plays a key role on the path of enlightenment or “the discovery of self”. The aim of authentic Yoga is beyond superficiality – it is a process to achieve balance between all the functioning parts of the self in order to drop the veils that block the realization of the true self.

That’s why you have changed yourself to look into the deepest which can make you beneficiary of developing awareness of body and mind. Now you are caught in the grief of modern religion. Yoga has become religion of body and mind, where Yoga was really Samadhi, Yoga is a science but you have taken Yoga as exercise, Yoga has eight limbs, Yoga has destiny, Yoga was practiced for opening of the inner mechanism, Yoga was practiced for the healthy body and mind for developing the awareness. Yoga was discovered for the human higher achievements, Yoga was used to open the gateway of heart which is the root of all creations that is called love, kindness, compassion and peace (silence) whereas we have taken Yoga as science of excitement and entertainment. So I want to say that stop yourself misusing the greatest science which can unveil the mystery of your inner mechanisms, it can open all those gateways of yourself to reach to the higher consciousness, it is the total science of self discovery, which is known as science of self realization. From that self has a root to the Brahma. – Pilot Baba

A little bit of nonsense repeated regularly over 10 years can wipe out 100 years of truth. – H.T. Irvine. Masterful Persuasion


Our stressful modern world is set up in a way that does not inherently support health and well-being. Rather than accept this as being ‘normal’ or ‘average’, it is time to counter-act this untruth that we have been sold through society, big corporations and the mass media, and re-define what we want from our lives. The power we need to shine rests within our own mind, body and spirit; it is simply a process of removing what is not true and tapping the resources within us.

In order to live life at the highest level and to express our maximum potential as human beings, we need abundant, overflowing energy. As children, we were able to tap into this energy at will; as adults, most of us need to work at it a little harder, as the stresses and strains of life can block this flow of energy. As long as we are trapped in the mindset of believing that we are limited beings, we feel we have only a little of this energy available. However, we are much more than we think we are and the illusion of having ‘no energy’ is due to our habit of inhibiting our joyful creativity – this binds up most of our energy so that it is not available to play or enjoy, to work or study, or to do much of anything else. All the available energy we have is spent just holding those negative patterns in place! The truth is, we are an energetic system and when we bind the energy and lock it down by tightening our muscles, constricting our breathing and holding back expression, we create an attitude or belief in our minds that holds these physical contractions in place.

Yoga is a roadmap that gives us detailed directions on how to move from a low energy state to a place of abundant, overflowing energy, where we are able to reclaim our birth right of optimal health and well-being. To create a high energy state we use the practice of Hatha Yoga – an ancient system of physical movement, postures and breathing practices that help to strengthen the body, purify the nervous system and Raja Yoga- to settle the waves of the mind. This is supported by making healthy lifestyle choices – starting with the raw materials we put in our body (fresh, whole foods and pure water) and doing daily practices such as meditation to balance the autonomic nervous system and reduce stress levels. We also look at getting clear on our direction and goals in life – the things that drive and motivate us to be the best we can be, as well as setting up daily rhythms that support us in achieving our goals, and creating relationships that are satisfying and authentic. When we start directing our lives in this way, we can’t help but shine!


As mentioned above, Yoga is a map directing us back to original nature (self). It gives us precise steps with predictable results when those steps are followed. Also if obstacles arise on the path Yoga gives antidotes to continue on the inner journey. Yogacoach helps us to understand these steps on the map and how to apply them in the best possible way. The philosophies we use are:

  • Samkhya: To understand the mind and the process of being human.
  • Yoga Sutras: Are also a way to understand the mind and the practices needed to move back to a ‘State of Yoga”.
  • Tantra: Tantra is the science of light, sound and form and it shows how our physiology and psychology are directly linked.

Each of the above systems interrelates and gives us information on how we have moved away from our ESSENTIAL NATURE and the steps/practice we need to employ to restore balance.

The primary text which we use to take us along the path out of the maze of ignorance is the Patanjali Yoga Sutras. Sutra means thread and in just under 200 threads Patanjali gives us a step by step process that is both linear and interconnected as a means to return home and reconnect with our lost essence. The Yoga sutras are considered the most authoritative text on Yoga today. For us who have not reached the final destination and are at different stages on our way, the Yoga sutras are most useful because they show clear and manageable steps through which to progress. The sutras are a methodology to reveal the truth. It is a science; it is the science of our inner being.

Yoga is a Science: Yoga science does not tell you what to do and what not to do, but teaches you how to be. Yoga science is a science of life that helps you to know the known and unknown parts of life, that helps you to liberate yourself from pains and miseries, and that helps you to attain that state which is free from pains and miseries. –

What does Yoga science mean to you? When people talk about Yoga they often think it has something to do with the physical being only. Yoga is a science that deals with body, breath, mind, soul, and ultimately, the universe itself. It is both practical and theoretical. All the gates to higher knowledge will be opened to you once you understand yourself. Patanjali offers something to such seekers. Patanjali says the source of knowledge is within you. The world and external knowledge can only inform you and inspire you. To evolve does not mean going toward the external world. Evolution means going back to the source. If you put ten covers around a light, what will happen to the light? The light will be as it is, but it will appear dim to you. You will not be able to see it. If you remove the covers, you will see it clearly. You can compare yourself with the light. Before you go to the source of knowledge within, you have to go through many barriers. Yoga science does not offer any new religion; it offers a methodology.

Through Yoga science you can understand yourself better on all levels, including your physical well-being, your actions, thought process, emotions, and desires. You will also understand how you are related to the world, and how to lead a successful life in the world. Yoga science creates a bridge between the internal and external conditions of life. Yoga is a way of improving yourself, a way of understanding your internal states. Whosoever you are, you have all the potentials within you. Are you aware of this? If you are aware of this, do you know how to use them? Patanjali encourages us to be aware of the potentials that we have and to learn how to use them. This practical science says to explore more and more.

The word Yoga means “unification, to unite with.” You have to unite yourself with the whole. At present you are an individual and you are experiencing miseries. The cause of misery, according to Patanjali, is ignorance. Ignorance is self-created. You can be free from that misery because it has been created by you. It’s as if you constantly slap your face and then say, God help me. It’s as though you blindfold yourself and then say, O Lord of light, of life, and love, give me light. This prayer is in vain.

You have to light your own lamp. No one will give you salvation. I am talking of enlightenment. All individuals have the responsibility to enlighten themselves. Do not think you cannot do it. You have that spark. You are fully equipped. You simply need to discipline yourself. Discipline is not a prison. It simply means practice. – By Swami Rama (Samadhi: The Highest State of Wisdom)

In Yoga no belief is required, no faith needed – only the courage to experience. Patanjali lays out the steps for our inner experiments, the full experience of our TRUE NATURE. Science says experiment; Yoga says experience, so when we look at Yoga as a science it becomes an inner experiment. Yoga has nothing as far as belief is concerned; Yoga doesn’t say to believe in anything. Yoga says “experience”, just as science says “experiment”. Experiencing and experimenting both achieve the same thing, however the directions for each are different. Experiment means there is something you can do on the outside; experience means there is something you can do on the inside. Experience is an inner experiment. – OSHO