Brita Golsby-Smith

Brita Goldsby- Smith

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After years of not following my heart, feeling empty and being sad I woke up one day and realised that I needed to ‘get happy’ and that only I had the power to make that happen. Because after years of not nourishing myself I took the bull by the horns and started to live from my own heart, live my own dreams and everything began to sing.

Because when I looked deep into myself I realised what made me happy was my yoga practice and sharing it with others. Because when I shared it with others, the people I connected most deeply with were other women, other mothers and those who wanted to be mothers. Because women everywhere have the right to feel as wonderful and empowered about their experiences as I do about mine. Because everyone has the right to be nourished by their own heart… and everyone can be! Because you are enough!

Brita is a Yoga Coach and Multiple Birth Consultant. Mumma to 1 year old identical twin boys, Xavier and Cairo, Step-Mum to 13 year old Tommy, Wife to Tim she is passionate about multiple birth in all its forms. Brita has practiced yoga since 2003. A sea-change lead her to explore the exciting world of yoga. She has trained with YogaCoach, Byron Bay Yoga Centre and has specialised in prenatal, postnatal and kids yoga training through Bliss Baby Yoga, Yoga to Go Kids and Rainbow Kids Yoga.