Mark Breadner

Mark Breadner

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Mark Breadner, who has practised and trained for over 40 years, is one of the most-sought after yoga educators in the world and is considered a World’s Authority On Yoga Training and Education, Mark is a “Soul Yogi” and is the founder and leader of the “Total Yoga Transformation” movement that provides the ultimate foundation for achieving high levels of well-being and personal success.

Having personally trained thousands of students and yoga teachers over the years, Mark has discovered the core essence that yoga practitioners have been seeking for years. The founders of the yoga movement believed that yoga was meant not only for physical balance and fitness (as many sports and health institutions are marketing it today). But, it was also intended for living with deep meaning and purpose and a sustainable sense of well-being and happiness in one’s life. The fusing of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual are the core ingredients for what Mark calls, “a high-performance life.”

In recent years, with the complexities of technology taking over many people’s lives and the growing sense of “how do I get back to my most authentic core self”, many yoga followers have been left seeking a much deeper meaning to the yoga experience.

Mark, who has trained under many highly-regarded yoga masters in India, has combined the true wisdom of the original yogis while integrating modern day demands and realities of one’s life into many of his students are calling “Total Yoga Transformation”.