I have been working with Mark now since 2004. As a professional surfer I am always looking to gain a competitive advantage, both physically and mentally. By Mark teaching me yoga and the importance of core and functional exercise, I was able to achieve this.

At the end of the 2004 asp world tour I was sitting 17th on the ratings and looking to bust down the door of the top 10. I started training with Mark in late 2004 to prepare for the following year. We focused heavily on yoga as well as working on strengthening my core using functional exercises. The exercises were all tailored for surfing and with Mark being a surfer himself, we were easily able to communicate and locate my strengths and weakness. Through hard work I finished the year not only inside the top 10, but actually ended up coming 5th in the world.

The following year I had a slow start and was finding it hard to keep up with expectations and the pressure was getting to me. I decided to bring Mark away with me for the American and European legs. We focused not only on the physical side of the things, but also the mental side. Through mediation I regained my focus, found my feet again and shot up from 29th to 12th, through 4 back-to-back quarterfinals.

Mark’s experience and knowledge has greatly shaped and improved, not only the athlete I am today, but more so the person who I have become. Whether you want to just relax, do some fitness, find some focus or be the best in the world, Mark has the experience and understanding to obtain your goals!.

— Phil McDonald

As International team Pittboss for Ripcurl, it is my responsibility to provide elite services and opportunities to my surfing team.

With his skills in Chek work and vast experience from other world class athletes, Mark Breadner provided the perfect background to improve my surfers’ way of living. His easy going nature, ability to communicate and lead by example method is an inspiration to be around. Since involving my elite team with him (Mick Fanning, Nathan Hedge, Kieren Perrow and Darren O’Rafferty) the results have been amazing. I just wish I had found him sooner.

— Matt Griggs

Mark Breadner has been a valuable part of the program at Sutherland Leisure Centre High Performance Swimming Program since 2001.

In that time he has been responsible for the strength conditioning and yoga programs of the open swimming squad. This squad consists of 11 swimmers, three of which are members of the Australian Swimming Team: Ian Thorpe, Craig Stevens and Kirsten Thomson.

Mark has been fundamental in the conditioning work of the swimmers. He has trained not only their bodies but also their minds in preparation for world championships and recently the Olympics.

Mark has a great enthusiasm for what he does. He has a unique skill at developing very specific programs for the athletes’ specific needs. The way in which Mark relates to the athletes demonstrates his unique style of training. He allows the athletes to grow not just as athletes but as people through his teachings.

I have been very lucky to have someone as talented and conscientious as Mark working in this program because he has also made me look at my training program in a different light.

Mark is a very caring and passionate person who always has the athletes’ best interest at heart

— Tracey Menzies

If you are entertaining the notion of becoming a yoga teacher, then don’t go anywhere else. Mark will provide you with all the necessary knowledge, tools and support that you need to become an amazing yoga teacher. Even better than that, he will also provide a safe space for you to find and connect to your own unique gifts and talents and your voice as a yoga teacher.

— Yasmin

Mark Breadner has created what is arguably the finest, most authentic way to teach Yoga in the world today. Training and learning is up close and personal, one-to-one, as was the case with the sages and students of the past. It is as Krishna speaks of Yoga to Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita when he explains that the reason they can be together so fruitfully is that not only is there respect of student for teacher, but there is also friendship. The whole person is trained, not just the physical body, but also the depths of the mind, all in the recognition of the highest goals of Yoga, the union of the individual and the Universal. I greatly admire Mark and his graduate Yoga coaches for bringing traditional Yoga to the world in a way that serves our modern needs without watering down the real meaning of Yoga.

— Swami J