Sister Yeshe

Sister Yeshe 
sister yeshe
Healing the Broken Buddha - Taking the Craziness and Challenges of life as a path to Enrichment and Awakening.

This workshop will help us to embrace challenges, confusion and change as a part of awakening. Ayya Yeshe will share techniques, humourous stories and spiritual wisdom in her ‘straight from the heart’ style to help us balance and integrate both good and bad/light and dark and become more at peace, whole, happy, open hearted and altruistic. Basic meditation and some sacred chants also shared. Based on authentic Buddhists texts.

Ayya Yeshe Bodhicitta is an Australian Buddhist nun who travels the world teaching Buddhism, Engaged Spirituality and an activist for the disenfranchised (people suffering poverty, gender equality, and human rights). She is the director of Bodhicitta Foundation, a charity that works in India, Australia and developing countries to eradicate poverty and inequality. Much of her work in the last 8 years has been with the ‘ex-untouchable’ community in the slums of central India (Nagpur).

Ayya Yeshe is also an accomplished artist who makes sacred music (Dakini CD with renouned sacred music group India Jiva), paints and writes (‘Everyday Enlightenment’ – Harper Collins). Ayya Yeshe has been featured in the Documentaries ‘Through the Eastern Gate’ and ‘Life beyond the Begging Bowl’. Her heartfelt, fearless style engages people with profound honesty and courage to face life’s mountains and come out with gems.