Teacher Training Program 2

This advanced training includes the 200-hour program and an additional 300 hours of module-based study, allowing students to deepen their understanding and gain confidence in their teaching. Through intensive study of the therapeutic applications of yoga, students who complete this program will have the ability to assess their clients’ state of health and prescribe a personal practice that will move them towards wellness of the body, mind and spirit.

Graduates of this course will be able to look at where their clients’ physical and energetic systems are out of balance, compromised by stress, poor nutrition and hydration and negative or destructive thought patterns and will have the tools to guide them back to wholeness.

Many years ago, the instruction of yoga was passed from teacher to individual student through a complete personal program that encompassed every aspect of the student’s life. These days, with the popularity of yoga resulting in large group classes, much of this one-to-one contact between teacher and student has been lost.Through this training, you will learn to bring a personalised approach to your yoga teaching, whether you teach private or group classes.

We’re now taking enrollments for 2017
Flexible training – commence in 2014, option to complete 2014/2015

YogaCoach Level 2 training is registered internationally with Yoga Alliance








“In a word, AWESOME! Mark Breadner facilitates an effortless learning environment. With subtlety and insight, he guides students towards and experimental understanding of yogic philosophy, human psychology, the mechanics of the body and practical spirituality. The course far exceeded my expectations and I suspect the impact has been life-changing.”

- Yolanda


Working with clients one-to-one, a YogaCoach takes an integrated view of health and well being looking at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects. Integrating the science of Ayurveda, Energetic Healing, Somatic Counseling, Life Coaching and Yoga Therapy, our course teaches coaches to assess and provide holistic life practices.

Our course offers a complete system of balancing the body, mind and spirit, allowing yoga to be taught with integrity and in alignment with its original purpose – to reach our highest potential. Honouring the traditional roots of yoga in a modern-day framework, we use the wisdom of yogic philosophy combined with modern science.
YogaCoach embraces all styles of yoga. We teach an accessible and complete learning method that contains within it the keys to safe and effective yoga practice integrated with functional, practical and accessible ways to bring the body-mind system back into balance. With this understanding, and through demonstration of the practical and philosophical application of this system, you will be able to move along your own path towards health and well being.


If you are already a qualified Yoga teacher with a 200-hour certificate from a Yoga Alliance registered school (or equivalent), you may undertake the 300 hours of YogaCoach study to achieve your 500-hour qualification.

You must provide a copy of your 200-hour certificate or equivalent qualifications. If you are already teaching but have not received Yoga Alliance-registered certification, you may be asked to complete a short application questionnaire. This will be assessed on an individual basis to ensure a seamless entry into the course.


YogaCoach is based on the premise that health, well being and joy are an inherent part of our natural state of being. We believe that well being is primary and our practices are geared towards supporting this.

Within this we are looking for the maximum amount of change while still being kind to ourselves. Given each person is unique, to maintain a state of well being, each person requires differing practices to support this.
This advanced training allows students to deepen their understanding and gain confidence in their coaching ability. Intensive study, as detailed below, ensures a YogaCoach can confidently assess their clients’ state of health and well being then prescribe a personal practice that will move them towards wellness of body, mind and spirit.

Amazing, inspiring, transformative. I’ve spent a small fortune on my education over the years but this was definitely the most beneficial and enriching study I’ve ever done. Thank you!


Bringing Yoga To Life, Functional Assessment, Energetics

1. BRINGING YOGA TO LIFE: METHODOLOGY OF YOGA – The keystone of the YogaCoach training program This is the foundational subject for all YogaCoach training courses and forms the basis of the YogaCoach methodology. Within this module we learn the skills to take the ancient teachings of Yoga and bring them to life.

Mind & Consciousness, Ayurveda, Somatic Counseling

4. MIND & CONSCIOUSNESS – Thought patterns & beliefs Our mind is the most potent force in our life. Uncontrolled mental activity causes suffering and overshadows our true potential. Only by settling mental activity into stillness can we realize this highest potential.

Lifestyle Design, Business of Yoga & Case Studies

6. LIFESTYLE DESIGN – Putting it all Together Lifestyle design is where we take all the learning, understanding and assessments and begin the process of building life practices. Starting with where our clients are at right now, we build a picture of our clients encapsulating their unique body, energy and mind profile.



Click the ‘Apply Now’ icon on this page and complete the application form. You’ll receive a follow up call or email from us. A deposit is required to secure your place. There are two payment methods – Direct debit or Paypal (secure online payments), details below Please take note of the payment dates of your chosen Payment Option

Level 2 Teacher Training – Bali + Sydney Completion Earlybird

Bali, Sep 7 – Sep 27
Sydney, Oct 24 – Oct 27
Sydney, Nov 7 – Nov 10
Sydney, Nov 21 – Nov 24

AUD 4,200

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Level 2 Teacher Training – Bali Full Time Earlybird
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YogaCoach offers several payment structures and great discounts for upfront or early payment. Click here to view the different payment options available to suit your needs and budget.


By Direct Deposit or Paypal (please note that Paypal payments attract a 2.3% surcharge)

Direct Deposit details: Yogacoach, St George Bank BSB 112 879 Account 446 341 070 Please include the following details in payment reference field Course name + your surname/initials (eg. L1SydSmith)



Sydney : Mantra Yoga, 1 Holtermann St, Crows Nest 

Mantra Yoga has showers for after classes, mats and towels available for rent, bottled water for sale or bring your own. Mantra is located right in the heart of Crows Nest so there are plenty of eating options nearby.

Parking & Transport: Free Friday night & all-day weekend parking in side streets. Very limited free all-day parking in nearby residential side streets weekdays. St Leonard’s Train Station is a 10 min walk.

Bali : Gaia-Oasis, Tejakula

Gaia-Oasis is a beautiful low-key and tranquil Yoga resort on the northern coast of Bali where you’ll be able to truly unwind and focus on your learning and practice.

Training includes share accommodation & 3 vegetarian meals daily. Check out the YogaCoach Facebook page for photos.