Teacher Training

Teacher Training Overview

This advanced training includes the 200-hour program and an additional 300 hours of module-based study, allowing students to deepen their understanding and gain confidence in their teaching. Through intensive study of the therapeutic applications of yoga, students who complete this program will have the ability to assess their clients’ state of health and prescribe a personal practice that will move them towards wellness of the body, mind and spirit.

Graduates of this course will be able to look at where their clients’ physical and energetic systems are out of balance, compromised by stress, poor nutrition and hydration and negative or destructive thought patterns and will have the tools to guide them back to wholeness.

Many years ago, the instruction of yoga was passed from teacher to individual student through a complete personal program that encompassed every aspect of the student’s life. These days, with the popularity of yoga resulting in large group classes, much of this one-to-one contact between teacher and student has been lost. Through this training, you will learn to bring a personalised approach to your yoga teaching, whether you teach private or group classes.

“In a word, AWESOME! Mark Breadner facilitates an effortless learning environment. With subtlety and insight, he guides students towards and experimental understanding of yogic philosophy, human psychology, the mechanics of the body and practical spirituality. The course far exceeded my expectations and I suspect the impact has been life-changing”.
- Yolanda