Our Team

Mark Breadner

Mark has studied, practised and loved yoga his whole life.

thumbHe was born into yoga – his mother and uncle were both yoga teachers. Mark’s goal is to take yoga back to it’s original purpose; to assist people toward their highest potential. This passion has seen him immerse himself in the practice and study of all things spiritual, and having been fortunate enough to be close to many great teachers, understood that the common thread of their teachings is to open the heart and live an authentic life.

Mark’s own learning and personal growth comes through life experience and from working in somatic psychotherapy, corrective exercise therapy, as a child life specialist for Operation Smile in developing countries and as a yoga teacher and trainer for over 20 years. This deep and extensive experience and knowledge has placed him in high demand as the yoga coach of elite sportspeople, training bodies and minds in preparation for the highest level of competition. Mark has worked behind the scenes with great teams to support the potential in inspiring athletes such as Ian Thorpe, Craig Stevens, Mick Fanning and Phil McDonald.

Mark’s knowledge and experience of both the technical and spiritual aspects of yoga has led him to the top of his chosen field, yoga teacher education. He is recognised as a “teacher of teachers” and the “real deal”, using his grounded, down-to-earth approach to take ancient knowledge to the everyday. He teaches from the heart and these teachings are life-changing. Mark takes yoga teachers to a totally new level in their understanding and application of yoga.

Tanya Halleday

Tanya had an idyllic upbringing in rural Australia.

thumb2From here she took on the big city, completing a Bachelor of Commerce (Asia-Pacific studies) in Melbourne and going on to explore the wider world via a career in international modelling. Two things came out of this – a deep love of foreign cultures and travel and a desire for deeper meaning in life.

In the mid 90s, seeking to expand her experiences and to heal a back injury, Tanya discovered Yoga. It clicked almost immediately and started to provide some answers to those deeper questions. She completed an Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching and promptly set up her unique focus in Corporate Yoga. Combining her earlier studies in business, her learning from old cultures and the ancient wisdom of Yoga, Tanya helps people transition between a demanding external life and the healing ways of understanding and settling the deeper inner life.

Tanya has studied extensively in Australia and India with teachers including Mark Breadner, Sindar Kaur, Simon Borg-Olivier and Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati. She’s also worked with physiotherapists at Sarah Key Physiotherapy Clinic teaching back-care yoga classes.

Tanya helps people to reconnect, restore balance and wellbeing, using one-on-one and small group classes both in corporate settings and privately. She provides Holistic Lifestyle and Postural Assessments and designs unique programs for her clients to help them refine and achieve their goals and move toward their highest potential. Tanya’s passion for yoga and a greater life has seen her expand into the field of Yoga education, joining long-time friend and teacher Mark Breadner in creating YOGACOACH.

Dr Rama Prasad

Dr. Rama Prasad was born in a Kerala village in south India.

thumb3 His father was a Sanskrit scholar from a long lineage. Traditionally his family duty is to look after the local Vishnu-Shiva temple, make garlands for the deities and help the priest with all his temple duties.

Rama studied Ayurveda and Yoga for 8 years from the Bharathiyar university, in a gurukula style. He did private internship with some of Keralas leading Ayurvedic gurus after his formal studies. He learnt Sanskrit from his father and various other teachers at school and university. He also has studied hypnotherapy and mind-body counseling in Australia.

For the past 20 years he has been practicing Ayurveda internationally. He runs courses and consultations in most large cities in Australia. He was the keynote presenter at various international Ayurveda and Yoga conferences including the 2006 one at Madras, India along with Dr Chopra and Dr Svoboda. He has been part of organising 4 international conferences in Sydney and India over the past 10 years.

Rama uses Ayurvedic and Yogic wisdom that he gained from university and his village in his clinic. He has identified over 2,000 Ayurvedic herbs that are native to Australia. His future plan includes health villages in Australia and India. His passionate classes are fun-filled, simple and clear. He believes ‘the more you give, the more you learn’. Rama still makes garlands for the temple deities during his yearly Kerala visits along with his mother and sisters.

Peter Tooth

Peter Tooth has been practicing as a Somatic Psychotherapist and Trainer in Sydney for over 18 years.

thumb4 Somatics is about developing and refining our mind-body connections, self awareness and relationships. Our deeply held attitudes and emotions often impact our behaviours and thinking in ways we are not entirely in control of or aware of. Developing more choices really affects the quality of life. Neither our Psychology or Emotional self or Physical self want to be left out of this great adventure.

Peter has studied with many great teachers, bodywork specialists and yogis from around the world and his passion is in passing on many of these self knowledge learnings where appropriate. He believes that of the many balancing acts we deal with; that of being functionally engaged in the present and being warm hearted is one of the best. Peter creates a safe yet experiential learning environment that supports deeper and more sustainable changes.

He is also the founder of Healthy Habits, an organisation providing Mind-Body training, Life Skills, Yoga and Meditation workshops and retreats.

Brook McCarthy

Brook McCarthy is an online marketer who specialises in helping yoga and wellbeing small business practitioners to realise their potential.

thumb5 Brook has worked in public relations, online and print journalism and practised and taught yoga for more than 13 years. She founded her creative communications consultancy, Yoga Reach, to fulfil a need she saw for yoga and wellbeing practitioners to become more business-savvy and to help spread the ‘reach’ of yoga beyond its counter-culture connotations.

Brook became interested in meditation, yoga and natural therapies at Sydney University while studying for a Comparative Religious Studies degree. Several years in public relations, communications and journalism followed graduation. She is passionate about effective communication and excited by the possibilities that technology provides in this quest.

In particular, Brook hopes to empower business owners to embrace intuitive, smart technology and ensure they realise its full potential through either training for themselves and their employees or by engaging an expert. Her business Yoga Reach specialises in online marketing strategy, social media marketing, and email newsletters.